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What De-Herniation Can Mean For You!


What De-Herniation Can Mean For You   WE have all heard of sciatica and most of us have experienced the pain. This condition can be caused by a disc issue. The disc is a jelly-filled ligament that is located between the bones of your back. When a section of this [...]

Top 5 Muscle Facts!


Top 5 Muscle Facts Muscles are the literal movers of our bodies. Without the function of muscles, we would be piles of bone and tissue. Our muscles are responsible for posture, movement, and keeping us alive.When it comes to muscles, we have hundreds beyond the ones we think of like [...]

Tea is good for your health!


Tea is good for your health! Tea is better than coffee. Now before everyone stands in arms against tea, begins a heated debate, or even start a beverage war hear me out. Because of the wide variety of tea, its ever increasing availability, and the range of benefits tea has [...]

How Is Your Foundation!?


How Is Your Foundation!? WHAT DOES YOUR FOUNDATION LOOK LIKE!? No matter if it is walking, running, or just standing our feet are the workhorses that get us from point A to point B. They are the foundation that everything else is based on. We wear shoes that do not [...]

Steps to better nutrition


Steps to Better Nutrition! You are what you eat! This statement is truer now than ever! Popular fast food options lack substantial nutritional qualities and often are full of chemicals and added sugar that can have a negative effect on our health. Nutrition is often overlooked when trying to improve [...]