What’s the Deal With Sea Salt?

We have always heard that table salt can be bad for us. It has been said to increase cardiovascular risks by increasing the water content in our blood which increases our blood pressure. This has been heavily studied to be a fact but there is more than just plain table salt.

Salt can be good for you!

Salt is an essential part of our diet and is needed to keep us healthy. When we look at salt there really are two very distinct types of salt, table salt, and sea salt. The table salt we are used to is highly refined and goes through multiple processes that remove magnesium and other trace minerals. Other components are added , like aluminum compound to keep the salt dry and potassium iodine to replace the natural iodine lost in the refinement of the salt.

Sea salt is a different story. The salt is naturally dried in the sun and does not get refined to the point that table salt does which allows it to keep both its natural iodine from the sea and a good amount of trace mineral content. The salt also has a stronger flavor so not as much is needed to achieve the same flavor.

These differences can make sea salt beneficial to individuals that are worried about their blood pressure because sea salt does not raise the sodium levels in the blood like table salt does. It has also been shown to improve digestion and can even improve eyesight.

Types of Sea Salt

There are a variety of forms of sea salt on the market, we are going to look at the top 6 that are available and what makes them different.

  1. Kosher Salt– this salt is less refined than table salt and is not treated with iodine. This gives Kosher salt a more pure flavor according to most chefs which make it the preferred option for cooking.
  2. Black Salt– This salt is derived from Indian volcanic rock giving it a distinctive sulfurous mineral taste. This salt is typically used in Indian cuisine as a condiment. According to India’s classical medical science, it can have therapeutic benefits ranging from it high levels of iron to it cure for flatulence and heartburn.
  3. Maldon English Sea Salt– This salt comes from Essex, located in Southeastern England. This salt is known for its pyramid-shaped soft flaky crystals, pure white color, and delightful flavor. It is also drier than most other sea salts.
  4. Aztec Sea Salt– This is a hand-harvested salt that is more powerful in flavor than normal table salt. This salt has been harvested from the Cuyutlan Lagoon since the Aztecs. It is typically harvested in a 45 days period and is sorted and packaged by hand. This salt is environmentally friendly, harvested to preserve the local ecology using natural methods and is a very sought after product. This type of salt is typically used in cooking but in fewer amounts than normal table salt.
  5. Gray Sea Salt– This salt comes from France. Often unprocessed and unrefined, it is great for highlighting the flavors of food such as meat and vegetables.
  6. Himalayan Pink Sea Salt– Hand-mined from ancient salt deposits, it is believed to be the purest form of salt available. This salt can vary in color due to its high mineral and iron content which also give it many therapeutic and nutritional properties. Typically used by spas, holistic chefs, individuals and health professionals. This salt offers essential minerals, trace elements, helps balance electrolytes, helps eliminate toxins, aids in nutrient absorption, balances PH, normalizes blood pressure, and helps with circulation and conductivity.

There are a variety of salts available that offer an equal number of uses. It is up to personal preference and type of use to determine the salt you use.

What is your favorite form of sea salt? Which ones do you use on a regular basis? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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